130510 Sungdong Cafe with Heechul [Transcript]

Fan: Oppa, do you like girls with similar personality to you or opposite personality to you?

Heechul: When it comes to (befriending) guys, I don’t care. Jang GeunSuk, HongKi-ssi, and I have similar personalities, while Mithra, and others like Song Joonki-ssi have an opposite personality to me.

when the girl can do what I can’t, i find it very cool
so, when they are good at cooking..
and skirts! I’ve said since debut that I like it when girls wear skirts
some would react like “ahhh pervert”
but I dislike things like short hot pants
I don’t feel anything from it since boxers look similar to hot pants
so I like it when girls wear skirts since I can’t wear them
and I am a terrible cook. When others were in SA, I felt it again too.
I thought it’d be easier just to eat raw ramen.

Fan: Did you call your parents on Parent’s Day?
Heechul: If my mother were to hear my low voice (because he has a cold), she would be worried so I didn’t call her on the day. I called them yesterday.

Fan: Last week’s sungdong cafe replay isn’t up yet!
Heechul: Blame it on the district office~ anyways while converting the file, there was a problem. So I think it will be available next week? No? Not next week? The file is gone? Well let’s just substitute today’s broadcast for last weeks. kkkk.

Fan: Oppa, I heard if guys reply to your text when they are midst of playing a game, they really love you. Is that true for you too?
Heechul: When I play games, I put my phone faced down. When I hear the text sound, I ignore it. If you check, it’s disrespectful for the game. If you were to call when I’m losing, I’d be like “Whatever. Hang up.” sometimes, people call while i’m in middle of a game. I’d react like “Okay whatever.” if I’m losing. If my guy friends were to call (while I’m losing), I’d be cursing at the phone. “Ahhh i’m losing and…” I can’t talk to younger girls and be like “Ahhhh oppa has dieeedddddddd”. kkkk

Fan: Hee-DJ, I told my brother that you also play LOL and he said he would challenge you to a battle
Heechul: Ah, he’ll learn his lesson after being killed kkkk. Really, I am the guy who play against pro-gamers and curse at pros kkk.

Heechul: yesterday, I talked with manager hyung and Kangin. Joining tour right away has problems too such as not having outfits, and also how many countries left to visit. They are still reviewing it.

Heechul: my mother is worried so she keeps texting me. I texted her “I’m okay kk.” She keeps worrying so I will say something… what should I say? I’m okay~

Fan: I met you on LOL last week! I tried talking to you but you ignored me…
Heechul: Oh. Well I curse a lot. I curse a lot on the chats too. Does she know my ID? Well my ID is pretty well known.

Fan: Oppa, please make a twitter after you are released. Twitter is boring without you!
Heechul: I don’t think I’ll make another twitter account. I think i’ll just use that substitute program… the one Taeyeon-ssi uses (Instagram)

Fan: Is there any member who you are awkward with? Recently, on Beatles Code, ShinDong oppa said he would be awkward with eating together with just you?
Heechul: He used to find me hard. He’d be like “hyung, hyung” then if he saw that my mood wasn’t good, he’d put a distance. But after playing LOL together, he fell into my charms. And one time, he asked me for a favor. It took him a long time to decide to ask me, and I simply said “sure! go ahead. I’ll help you.” So, he and I became close. He thanked me a lot… go talk about this on TV! Don’t just kakao me “thanks hyung!”, go talk about it on shows ! kkkk

Heechul “Yesung-ssi asked me a lot about military service… Because Kangin-ssi and Leeteuk-ssi went as normal service. I know where he will be going. What we talked about in dorm… how to survive in society… the one who’d be good in army… it would be Sungmin-ssi. He looks feminine but he’s very manly…. Sungmin-ssi… I think he’d be only one to be good at it… Shindong-ssi too.. and Eunhyuk-ssi.. Donghae-ssi would be terrible in army. He wouldn’t be able to do anything alone.

Heechul: I’ve received a letter (while in training) from Donghae-ssi.. and I felt touched. Donghae-ssi can’t do anything without anyone around him.,. and he wrote a letter to me. He has a terrible handwriting. Fans know. He writes it so bad, he can’t even recognize his own writing. He wrote a lot like “Hyung, you went blah blah.” it looked like it’s a scribbled drawing. It didn’t even have an envelope. and it was reusing paper. On the other side, it had sukira script on it. I looked at it, and felt his feelings. Others were like “Isn’t this terrible?” but I knew Donghae-ssi well.

Heechul : This week, due to my sexy low voice (because he has a cold), we played more songs than usual. I will return next week with a clear voice.. but the problem is that next week is a holiday~~~. Can’t we move that to Monday instead? Can we ask the president? Oh wait, something happened today so she’s busy. Well, I’ll see you next next week.

Credit: Nksubs@NKSubs
via : sup3rjunior.com
Reshared by Leiron
Please credit ‘13luejewel.wordpress.com’ as well. Thank you.


~ by Ely on May 10, 2013.

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