Eunhyuk at Tous Les Jours | Part 2 [Fan Accounts] – From 130508

Fan: Hello~ Oppa, I broke my finger right and the last time I came here you was worried and told me to get well soon, it really did healed fast after that!
Hyuk: Isn’t that so?
Fan: Oppa is the best!
Hyuk: I am the best!
Fan: Oppa, I actually had skin care class today but I ditched it and come here…
Hyuk: You can go to the next one~
Fan: Ne…ㅋㅋ


Fan: Oppa, do you know who am I?
Hyuk: The clinic! **
Fan: The clinic?!
Hyuk: Soonpoong~
Fan: No~ unnie (next to Hyuk) knows my name but you don’t~?
Hyuk: I’m smart.. Oh Ji Myung? Eee Chan? **
Fan: No~ *give hint* when you think about Soonpoong, you’ll remember!
Hyuk: It’s not Oh Ji Myung~?
Fan: I’ll come again a bit later~

And later when she asked again, Hyuk still said her name is Oh Ji Myung kkkkkk.

p/s: **Last year, when she introduced her name (Midal), Hyukkie was teasing her and he was imitating a scene from the drama “Soonpoong Clinic” (*it is an old drama) because there’s a character with the same name. lol. Oh Ji Myung and Eee Chan are also characters from that drama. So here Hyukkie was trolling on her again. XD

Credit: Midal_SJ1


Fan asked Eunhyuk if he remembered her name, he said he hadn’t come in a long time so he forgot already. So she told Hyuk her name again and the unnie next to him said that their names are the same.
Hyuk: Ah N__?
Fan: No.. It’s ‘Narae’
Hyuk: Ah~ Narae.. Narae noona..
Fan: I am not a “noona” though?!
Hyuk: n no.. no.. there is a relative of mine, (her name is) Narae noona. ㅋㅋ


The fan asked Eunhyuk again if he remembers her name, Hyuk was thinking again before saying “Karae!” ㅋㅋㅋ Fan asked him who is Karae and said this is too much but Hyuk was having fun, he was laughing. lol. Fan told Hyuk not to call her “Marae”
Fan: ..because **Marae is Jongwoon oppa’s cafe
Hyuk: Huh?
Fan: … *you don’t know Mare?…*
Hyuk was thinking (what’s her name) again and suddenly he said “Karae!” again. ㅋㅋ

She said she felt like crying, kept telling Hyuk it’s “Narae” but he kept saying “Karae” XDDD

p/s: She told Hyuk *Marae (마래), it is short form for Mouse Rabbit, like Mobit. ^^

Credit: 메르치수니

Fan: You become more handsome after going to South America.
Hyuk: I’m handsome from the beginning~
Fan: Yes you’re handsome even from before that but you’ve gotten more more more more more and more handsome!
Hyuk: It’s impossible for a person to get handsomer than thisㅋㅋ

The fan told Hyuk that she is learning Chinese but has problem with her tutor, Hyukjae said, the idea (of learning Chinese) is fun but it was difficult to learn.

She told Hyuk about the letters she wrote (at the blackboard) and he went to read it. She got shy and told Hyuk to read it after she go home but Hyuk kept flipping the pages one by one and she told him not to read it again. Then after flipping the last page Hyuk said “I’ve read it all~ I’ve read it all~ I’ve read it all~” ㅋㅋ

Credit: anchoa

Translated By: Puteri 이슬~@honeydewname
Credit :
Reshared and Posted by Leiron
Please credit ‘’ as well. Thank you.


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