“The Promise” Musical – “Donghae for no reason was clinging to Hyukjae’s back while walking” [Fan Account] from 130226

Donghae and Hyukjae went to watch The Promise musical!!!!!!

eunhae bbs supporting ummateuk ;w;

Hyukjae wore black cap and sunglasses, Donghae was not covering his face or anything. Manager oppa are there with them.

two managers…. seriously loling X’DDD to make sure there’s no ‘eh date’ headlines tomorrow eh XD

After show ended, EunHae and manager went into the waiting room

Asked Donghae, “Did you watch the show well?” while smiling Hae said “Ne”

Said to Hyukjae “See you tomorrow at TLJ”, smiling Hyuk replied “ne~”, they got to the car, Hyuk took off his sunglasses and opened the window, fan asked, are your eyes okay? and Hyuk nodded his head and smiled.

Eunhae suddenly came out and were walking towards the fan, she was stunned. Donghae’s face was like “I think this fan is our fan, but why she looks blank (no reaction lol)” as he looked at her when walking past her

After musical ㅡ Donghae for no reason was clinging to Hyukjae’s back while walking. They were smiling

Source: teukbully ‏@teukducks,  예으Nee, @Midal_SJ13
 결국은 특빠mintchou, 결국은 특빠
Translated by: Puteri 이슬~ (honeydewname) 

Credit : sup3rjunior.com
Reupload and Posted by Leiron
Please credit ‘13luejewel.wordpress.com’ as well. Thank you.


~ by Ely on February 27, 2013.

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