Super Junior-M Fan Meeting in Taiwan [FanAccount] from 130223

Hae said he like the girls who has beautiful finger, fans shouted Hyuk, then Hyuk show his finger


Wook: you all look like giraffe. Fans shouted… Wook: Why so beautiful??

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Kyuhyun’s Ending Speech

“I’m old already, (my) body and skin are also old already. But our heart are still young. You all are our fools, we are also your fools. “

Zhoumi then cut in and said “why are you all so easily controlled.” and Ryeowook said “Kneel down!”


Qn was who is the female lead in Skip Beat. Fans shouted “Gongxi” but Kyu heard as “Ge Mi (Fans)” so he wrote ELF on the board

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[How many girl are there in Super Girl] / HyukWook got right, its 9 (same with ytd qns how many go there in BreakDown]

There’s Skip Beat qns. MC asked whats the name of the female lead? Eunhyuk wrote “Didn’t watch” in pinyin (mei kan le)

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HyukMin’s “kiss” and jealous Donghae. Lee brother love ❤

During the 2nd half of ‘Blue tomorrow’, Hyuk walked towards Section A to sing. Min walked over and hugged him and he hold Hyuk’s face and pretended to kiss him. After that he wiped his lips. Hae walked over and pointed at him ‘angrily’, Min gave an innocent expression and wanted to hug him but Hae pushed him away. So Min forcefully hugged hae and pretended to kiss him. Lastly, Hyuk came over too. So the Lee brothers hugged together and ‘kissed’.

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Mention starting soon~ mc is asking us what size stupid we want to be? Lol

Mention starting soon~ mc is asking us what size stupid we want to be? Lol Hyuk said to freestyle so Henry starting beat boxing and Wook is attempting to rap lol

Wook is asking why we are so pretty hehe, finished with wo ai no men~ and heart. Min asked if we want cute or handsome, fans answered cute hehe

Hae is talking sadly ‘why didn’t you come to my dream? I’m sad’. Someone said ‘because you didn’t sleep!’ Hae said ‘why didn’t you call me?’ Mi said ‘you didn’t give them your phone number!’.

Hyuk introduced himself as ‘sexy Eunhyuk’ and took of his jacket, Kyu threw it on the ground and Mi tried to pull his singlet sleeve down! Fans chanted to take off his singlet and he said ‘you guys too!’ to the fans!

Mi is pretending to speak Chinese like Kyuhyun lmao. As in incredibly broken Chinese hahahaha. He asked all the question Kyu normally asks.

Kyu looked quite put out so Mi said ‘jiayou’ to him and hi 5ed him haha.

Question is ‘what is your target you want to achieve’ (as SJM). Hae is trying to give a funny answer, so we should anticipate.. He wants to visit all fans house etc, the mc said ‘you can’t do that why would you say this!’. Hae said I can do it and ill take a picture! Kyu said there are 6000 people who can you do it? Hae said he is stupid XD Henry said he wants I stay in Taiwan forever. Donghae said ‘actually this is what I wanted to say’ all the fans yelled EHHHH and he said ‘I’m a foreigner please understand me’.

Kyu picking a question and Mc said ‘funny answer please’. Question is, you can have any wish but it can last for one minute only. He said he wanted to fly to meet fans at every part of the stadium, min said ‘that’s what I want to say too’.

Henry just grabbed min’s butt! And Siwon said ‘very soft’ in English lol

It was Hyuk’s turn to choose a question and hae pushed the cart away from him. Hyuk kept picking question but couldnt understand so he threw them away until he got an English one, Henry read it. What is your ideal woman? Wook was looking for an ideal woman in the audience but he looked around and said ‘there is none’ and everyone screamed at him haha. Eventually he said a girl with good personality who is nice etc. Henry said he likes blonde girls, but he wants to marry a Taiwan girl now. But he made some mistake with the word? So everyone screamed. Hyuk said he needs a girl with a very nice neckline, so they said ‘so when you meet a girl you just look at her neck?’. He demonstrated on Min and Henry by turning their head to look at their necks lol. Asking Donghae’s ideal and everyone started chanting Lee Hyukjae orz. Hyuk is doing some weird movement with his fingers and walked over to hae and touched his face, Siwon stepped between them. Kyu said he wants a kind hearted woman, someone who when he talks will listen, and good forehead lol. Hyuk is trying to say his and everyone chanted lee Donghae. He said someone with long hair, an face like himself haha then MC said ‘so when you search the Internet you just search yourself’ lolol. Mi said I don’t like pretty girls, and everyone called him a liar. Mi said, compared to someone who is pretty who like kind hearted better. Mi said, compared to someone who is pretty who like kind hearted better. He said ‘if I have to pick someone then I pick someone who likes me’. Donghae said to Mi ‘you already asked the fans if they like you! They cant say no now’ And Mi said ‘that’s why I asked again’.

Mi walked across the whole stage today, instead of standing in the middle the whole time like usual. I swear, the fans sway their lightsticks more for Mi’s solo than even for the SJM ballads. Not even being biased. ITS JUST THAT GOOD. He was singing so emotively but still cracked a smile a few times, and talked during the pause in the music too. During his pause everyone waits and then screams super loud for that few seconds, and at the end of the song too. He did a long deep bow. Mi also did a thumbs up at the end I his solo, while his cute kitten smile ❤

Kyu and Henry stage now. They are just saying stupid things lol. Something like henry said he wanted to cry recently and Kyu asked why, then said ‘maybe in another world we are together’. Idk if he was referring to fans or Henry then lol. I love how at the end of the song Kyu just watches Henry finish playing piano.

Eunhae came out into stage, Hyuk has his arm around hae. They were singing ‘hello’ and went and shook Mi’s hand. Kyu was trying to say something about Zhou Mi and eunhae interrupted by coming into stage! That’s why they greeted Mi.

The mc is going to ask questions and the members will write the answer on the paper. Question is what date they debuted. Mi wrote his answer in a heart

Question is about what songs of SJ have SJM covered. Sungmin didn’t know what to write so he just wrong ‘sungmin

They played the KRZ ballad song (for a question), the westerly wind song, and all the fans sung along to it

The question is ‘where is this song from’. Donghae wrote on his sheet ‘when the elf are asleep I was sing to put you asleep’ and signed it (so irrelevant lol). Kyu didn’t know the song name so he just used a lyric from the song lol. Hyuk wrote ‘SJM nation’ on his sheet. Mi got the answer write of course, and sang a line very very softly.

Question is about Supergirl, how many times do they repeat a word in the song, but I don’t know what word it was.. Wook got it right! So he threw a paper plane into the audience lol.

They’re showing a VCR from skip beat for the next question. Wook didn’t even watch the VCR, just flipping through his book. The question is what is the name of the actress in this drama, Donghae looks like he can’t remember! Her characters name! Everyone expects Mi to know it lol, he has no idea! All the fans are chanting it now. Henry wrote bao bei! Hahaha Hyuk just imitated Hae’s Ja Hey! Catch phrase. Min wrote it in hangul but wrote it slightly wrong, so he’s arguing with the fans lol. Mi got it right! But wrote with a ? Mi said that ‘gong xi’ is pronounced the same way that ppl saying something g for Chinese New Year, and some fans did the hand gesture so he could guess it from that. Siwon also got it right, and drew a little picture of her too. Zhou Mi won the whole game!

The loser has to do kiyomi! Its Wook, hae, min & Kyu! I can see Mi writing something in his paper and making a paper airplane, I want it! People with the highest score get to pick out fan tickets. It’s someone riiiiiiight at the top right, Mi said ‘someone in the mountain’. Siwon and Hyuk can’t read the next stub so got Mi to read it.

Kyu is sitting on the seat and Mi has his arm around him drumming his fingers in his arm. They are calling all the fans Gong Xi hehe.

One is Hyuk’s fan, one is wook’s fan, and another is Hyuk! Hae escorted the third girl on stage and asked who she liked, when she said Hyukjae hae shooshed her! Hyuk is pimping, one arm around each girl lol. Wook gave his fan such a tight hug!! Hyuk was pretending to hi 5 fans and then moving his hand lol.

Time for Goodbye My Love. Hyuk turned to look at Mi while Mi was singing so Mi grabbed his arm and sung to him. Kyu was starin at Hyuk, trying to put pressure on him but he got his line right tonight! Everyone cheered XD

Destiny now. Mi was smiling to himself a lot, you can totally tell when he’s finding his fans in the audience :) Mi is right in my line of sight but I dunno if he can see me. But then I can see fan boards on the other side of the arena clearly haha.

Me now. Min attacked and hugged Hyuk during the sway-y party of me. Hae pushed Henry’s face away from him.

Hae was pretending to stab Mi in time with a beat, but there was a pause in the heavy beat so he just stood still holding Mi til it started. Then hae went and he and Hyuk pretended I beat each other up to the bet as well.

There’s a girl right near the front with a ‘love Mi forever’ sign and as he left the stage he waved directly her :)

Mi flipped his jacket off during his line on Break Down XD Fans screamed like mental lol, Fan chant is deafening today!! And the scream at the end! Omg my ears are blown out haha.

Donghae is sitting in the edge of the stage. They’re talking about the fanchants so they’re singing the parts with the fanchant so we can scream them again haha.

They’re taking about how tired they are awww. Talking about how it’s a record to have three days of Fanmeeting here and they want to do it again. Kyu jut bent down and was tying to touch his toes? Hyuk smacked his butt hehe. Min has gone over to Mi to ask his help for his speech XD Henry said I have so many thing I want to say to you, and Mi said no problem we can wait, and pretended to sit down. Yeah Henry is talking a lotttt! Ended with, I don’t want to leave Taiwan and thankyou. The crowd LOVES him.

Zhou Mi is playing with the spikes on his jacket. Min is standing riiiiight behind Hyuk while he talks OMG HE GRABBED HIS BELT? Yeah ok min just try to take Hyuk’s belt off onstage no problem. Hyuk said his ‘I cant live without you and you can’t live without me’ line. Kyu is saying we are all old…. Our skin is old… but our hearts are the same as the first time. Zhou Mi looks so embarrassed by what Kyu is saying lol. Kyu asked fans to keep supporting SJM and SJ. Donghae said he can’t hear the fans scream so everyone just screamed the house down omg so loud. Has is trying to say something and keeps lookin at Mi to make sure he’s saying it right, so cute.

ZHOU MIIIIIIII TOOK HIS GODDAMN JACKET OFF AGAIN! Hyuk tried to open the holes in the shirt to see more of Mi’s chest lol. Mi talked about his book.

At least I have you now, Mi is still jacket less orz. Mi is giving fans thumbs up aww. Omg min pretended to kiss Hyuk? I missed it!! Henry had a huge Taiwan flag and Min is running across stage with it.

In the talk Mi pretended like he was going to take his shirt off but did a huge kiss into the mic instead lol. Fans screamed so much that that the members said noone heard his kiss and made him do it again. The fans were asking for Mi to have an autograph session for his book but he said he can’t promise anything. I’ve never seen Mi so comfortable and confident at a concert before! Can just imagine chengdu tomorrow.. won’t be the same at all.

In the talk Henry said that he felt bad tht fans had to queue at 7-11 for tickets and waiting at the hotel for so long and etc. Hae said that if fans didn’t come to chase them at the airport and other places he would feel lonely. Henry said a lot of sweet things tonight, fans were screaming and AWWWWing the whole time ❤

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I swear. Kyu dancing is so cute especially when he leads the Go go go go go part. Kyu seemed a bit less energetic last night but Min was everywhere, quite active. When Min came around to our side, jumping around, throwing towels, he was as bright as the sun^^

They were playing hide n seek with us last night. Telling us to leave, then reappearing again and again LOL

People were so worried that too many tix were returned to AVEX and there will be empty seats. I assure u there was none that I could see.

Kyu always introduces Blue Tomorrow. Ytd, like the day before, he said, ‘this is a song that we haven’t sung in a long long long time.’ but he even started giggling as did the fans cos we just heard it the day before haha. He was so cute!!!!

Oh hyuk’s Chinese is really so cute. Kyu was asking him how to drink bubble tea, iced or hot. He answered, ‘iced’! Really cute!

They played a game where each member had to answer quizzes relating to SJM.

In one quiz, they had to answer who was the female lead in Ms. Panda (after playing several scenes on the VCR). RW wrote ‘Eunhyuk’. After SM got it wrong too and it was KH’s turn, fans screamed Gong Xi. KH wrote ‘ELF’. He said that he head ‘fans’ in Chinese and thought fans were shouting that. Hahahaha so funny!

The losers of the game were KH SM RW DH. They had to he punished and did gyuomi. Kyuhyun!!!! Omg! As usual, fans were shouting during the first Ment for Sungmin to do gyuomi. So he did and I got pics<3

First lucky fan today was RW’s fan. Second one was EH’s fan. Third one came up and the MC said, ‘this must be your fan, Donghae’. But… To Donghae’s disappointment, she said she was EH’s fan. So Donghae shushed her immediately while EH came up and squeezed/slapped his neck. She insisted that her bias was EH So with a bounce and much excitement, EH wrapped his arms around both of his fans and acted all proud:)

Sungmin said nice figure wITH a pretty face who wears her hair in a ponytail. Kyuhyun said sth at first that I didn’t understand but then, he finished w someone who smiles easily.

When they were saying their final goodbyes, RW strangely said, ‘see u tomorrow!’ KH immediately jumped on him and asked, ‘the airport?’ LMAO

Closing speech at the end: We are old. Our bodies are also getting old. But our hearts remain young. At the end, they turned on the lights and asked us to scream because they couldn’t hear us. The fans’ screams lasted for a good 2 mins.

Every cab driver asked what’s happening when they saw the crowd.I said ‘Super’ & they completed the sentence, ‘JM’ then said, ‘no wonder!’

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