Super Junior-M Fan Meeting in Taiwan [FanAccount] from 130221

When intro, hyuk said chinese is as easy as eating rice.. (as always~) When the question pail comes out~ hyuk hug the whole pail away.. Lol and when hyuk is drawing the questions, donghae lay on his body. Eunhyuk said that he wants to dance with all the fan, donghae asked him “all?” Eunhyuk said yes, all

Theres 3 lucky fans on stage and not any of them choose hyuk.. Then he came to siwon and said where’s my fans? ㅜㅜ

Source: 着迷Obsession2H

That members seeing unseen pic just now was kyu and wook eat dumplings together, kyu sing raise me up accapela vers a little

Donghae said to fans if you’re tired.. I will cpme to pick you up

Kyu to Donghae you always said the same topic.. Lol Donghae touch the fans hand and kiss it

Its last song, break down and the fanchat was so cool~~

Henry said that he’s very happy because its like every time when he returns to Taiwan. It feels like home.

Sungmin said before I ever in Taiwan for over three months.. as a oldest.. I want to say thank you that already has been around us, follow us and not being tired.. tired of the support.. Thank you everyone!

Eunhyuk: Last time longstay in Taiwan have so many memories in here. Feels very warm, welcomed. Thank you already support us

Kyu: You only like our stupid we are like your stupid. we are stupid.. Cause Kyu the one who started joke.. Hae said to Zhoumi you’re stupid then he said i only love you (referring to fans)

Zhoumi said Taiwan is like home and thanks for support. Henry tell everyone to remember brush teeth.

Source: 屁利特嬌娃
Translate by: 혁재의 보석 ‏@Just8604

They showed a picture of Donghae in 2009 in the waiting room in Beijing and members said he was with a women. Kyuhyun then turned to DH and sang a line in Beijing Olympics “北京 欢迎你”

After DH chose the fan he said “if you’re tired, I’ll go fetch you.” But when Kyuhyun chose the fan, he said ” If you’re tired, then try hard…”

Kyu said “You all are fools because you all continuously like us. Donghae is a fool also, because he only like you all. My dad is also a fool, a fool that only likes me. We are all fools. We all have to continue being fools.”

Source: JustGyuhyun

RW said fans is his chicken. Everyone was shocked. wook asked the translator and got corrected, he meant air

Source: 羽兒-S_Kyu

Translate: Mrs Pimple ♥ ‏@meatyoudumpling

Kyu said ELFs is my voice, the most important thing

Source: 曹臻妞

Hae kissed a fan’s hand and Kyu hug a fan

Source: 敏妞嘉

Hyuk: how can i melt fans’ heart?? Kyu: with hot water…

Source: -哎哎叫-

Hyuk said to Kyu: your father is here, be carefull on your speaking.. Kyu: not at all, he’s so stupid..

Source: 李赫宰的怀抱我不会忘丶周子
Translate: kandy ‏@jugeun

SJM talking now! Mimi start off by greeting everyone in Mandarin~ Wook says “U all are beautiful” and Ming says “Really miss u!” in Mandarin. Donghae says “Qin ai de bao bei~” n said he didn’t slp last night cos he miss ELF. Kyuhyun asked if ELF missed him and says “You are now tuning to..?”

Donghae gave a virtual kiss after his greeting to ELF. Aww!

From left to right in sequence: Wook henry sungmin siwon hae kyu hyuk mimi

MC asked Hae how he feel about his cafe in Mandarin. Hae says pls translate keke

Hyuk went over to pass Henry his jacket, brotherly love!

Now MC is asking what the members did during Valentine’s Day! Hyuk says he went TLJ on vday. MC asks if TLJ earns a lot, Hyuk says he dunno cos his mum took all the $ lol

Wook says he loves all the ELF while tying his shoelaces xD

Ming says he has gf which is ELF! He tried making chocolate but didn’t have chance to give ELF, he will try to give everyone next time.

Q&A session now! Hyuk used his mouth to pick up a rolled up question paper lol

Wook said Hyuk is dirty and Hyuk says Wook is dirty too, Wook says thank u lol

Hyuk’s question was what he would like to do w elf, he says dance togg w elf!

Siwon’s question is if he is to describe ELF, what would he say? Wook says ELF is air to him! Siwon says ELF is his heart. Kyu says ELF is his game then said ELF is his voice, cos voice is most impt to him.

Mimi’s question is who is the most handsome. Siwon told Hyuk “Not you” xD Mimi ask ELF who they think is most handsome, ELF says all are handsome!

MC says Q&A session and introduction will be different for all 3 nights.

Members went backstage, VCR showing some SJM songs on screen now. ELF are fan chanting to the songs playing on the video on screen! DAEBAK xD

SJM is back! Singing Sorry Sorry remix version!! Wook on piano, Hyuk on drums!

Siwon Wook Hyuk special stage now! Singing Jay Chou’s 星晴 “Starry mood”!!

Zhoumi’s solo now! 距离的拥抱 from Break Down album!! Lucky ELF who can hear this live!

Siwon solo is “You raise me up” There is hand banner project for this!

Kyu and Henry chatting on stage now, saying they at very lonely and ELF laughed XD Kyu singing “那些年” (Those Years) now with Henry on piano!

EunHae now!! New song “Hello”. ELF is fan chanting to it!

MC back on stage, SJM talking now! Pictures of SJM previous long stay in Taiwan is showed. Kending, variety shows etc.

MC asks Won if he’s good at swimming. Siwon likes to swim, doesn’t do frog-style

Mimi introduced his new book! “泰玩美”, for traveling in Thailand. Pre-orders 4 March

Funny pics of the members are shown! There are Kyumin moment and other funny poses. A pic of Donghae sleeping is shown, MC asked who took it, Hae said a group member.

Siwon says everytime he doze off and when someone wakes him up he’ll look shocked and frown and ask what time is it xD

Showing Kyuwook previously when they made dumplings together in a TW variety show

Asking SJM to show a look after they drank bubble tea and Hyuk licked his lips o_o

Hyuk said he felt like he is healed after Siwon sang You Raise Me Up

Picking out a lucky fan now!! All members wanna pick so play scissors paper stone. 3 lucky fans will be picked out!! Omo lucky girls. Donghae says in,”My baby, hurry and come (to me), if u are tired I can go fetch u!” Kyuhyun, Donghae and Siwon are the members picking out the 3 lucky ELF.

Siwon Donghae Eunhyuk kept playing on stage lol EunSiHae. Siwon went to side of the stage to fetch his lucky ELF! Donghae is holding hands with the fan he picked!! T_T lucky girl. Donghae kissed the lucky fan’s hand 3 times and refuse to let go!! >.< The fan that Siwon chose likes Kyu so Kyu has two fans standing beside him lol . After taking pics with his two fans, Kyu wanted to run off stage w them lol. End of fan interaction segment! Singing “Goodbye my love” now!

Members touch each other’s faces while singing. Hyuk sang wrong part n laughed xD

Henry sang to Siwon during his part in “Goodbye my love” haha

Hae looking at Kyu’s direction but sure looking at Kyu or Hyuk beside kyu xD

Wook’s hair has confetti, Henry and Ming helped Wook to remove it.. Aww!

Henry & Eunhyuk special stage now! Singing “Me” acapella! Wow!

Hyuk: “Seems tt SJM hasn’t make everyone melt w our voices so we must work harder”

Fishy Donghae is wearing a fish-netting like shirt now ^^;

EunHae bumped each other’s chests! >.< Min threw a towel~ Hyuk says they have finished performing. Wook covered face and pretend to cry >< Wook say he’s very happy n touched tt many fans are here, ask ELF if he is handsome. Siwon asked if the fanmeet is good, is everyone happy? Pls support next two days. Henry said he is v happy everytime he comes Taiwan cos it’s like returning home n seeing his family! Ming says the longest time he stayed out of Korea was Taiwan for 3 months! Hyuk said he did double eyelid?! He said the results will be shown in ss5 O_O!! Hyuk is wearing shades the whole time so we can’t see his eyes. According to translator, Hyuk says he did double eyelid cos everyone say he’s not goodlooking ><

Kyuhyun says his father is here!yu says thank u to ELF who always go see them and ELF is silly, he asked ELF to ask him why and then replied saying that SJ is also silly because SJ only loves ELF T_T

Hae says in Mandarin that if we don’t exist, they also don’t exist n gave a kiss! Mimi says it feels good to be home everytime they come here.

Everytime sungmin and hyuk singing their parts correctly they hug tightly haha

Hae pulled hyuk’s hair as they walked to back stage haha xD

Source: @13elieveSG

Concert started at around 7.45 Finished at 10.15 The boys left in their vans at 10.25.

First MENT – kyu did his usual ‘you’re watching’ and extended his microphone to the audience. Of course, everyone shouted ‘Guixian’ loudly.

Towards the end of the 1st Ment, Kyuwalked over to Min’s side and they wrapped one arm around each other’s back, as they passed each other.

There was a segment where they had to do kai bai bo to decide which members get to pick a question written on a piece of paper from a box.

Kyu lost in all elimination rounds, displayed the most disappointed yet cutest expression:) He shook his hand like, ‘bad luck, this hand!’

First question was chosen by Eunhyuk. He read in perfect English, ‘What would SJM like to do with their fans’? Answer by EH: Dance better! I think he meant dance with all the fans. Then he moved around energetically trying to get the fans to respond.

Second question was picked from the box was by Siwon. ‘What do ELF mean to SJM?’. Siwon turned around,suavely handed the piece of paper to the translator and said in Chi, ‘pls translate’..buying time to think of an answer^. Siwon’s answer: my heart. They then handed the mic to Kyuhyun and he said in Chi, ‘To me, ELF are like my voice, the thing that is the most important to me’. Fans screamed their hearts out of course!!!! Cheesy kyu. There’s another cheesy kyu quote. Coming up.

I was stunned by how much and loudly fans screamed during Zhoumi’s solo. When he finished, there was roaring applause. Never saw that in SS4.

Medley by Sungmin, Ryeowook, Henry, Eunhyuk was absolutely superb!!! It was my favorite performance of the evening!

Kyuhyun’s solo w Henry’s piano accompaniment – Those Years

KH: So, do you miss ‘those years’?
H: Of course. And you?
KH: I too have ‘those years’ in the past.
H: What about now?
KH took a moment to think, then sighed and said I’m VERY VERY VERY lonely.

EunHae’s Hello was my second most favorite performance. They really got the crowd going!!!!!

Kyu and Min laughed embarrassingly. Min explained it was taken when kyu fell asleep. Kyu replied, ‘Back then, I was in a bad place’ >>> 很可憐

Zhoumi on VCR.His legs were kinda cropped off in the pic. So everyone asked, ‘Why r ur legs so short?’ Everyone LOL’d

KH RW on VCR. Kyu asked, what is this? Fans: ‘xiu long bao’! KyuWook repeated cos I think they forgot the words LOL

Siwon on VCR.What were they doing? Kyu then walked to the center and sang a few lines of one of Siwon’s religious members then imitated the same action:)

Lucky draw time! They chose 3 fans to go up on stage. Took forever as some fans were shy to go. Donghae was trying his best to encourage those fans to come up. He said, ‘If you come up, I will be sweet to you’. Kyu was also trying to encourage fans to go up. He said (in super broken Chinese), ‘if..u…come…to this…side…add oil!!!!’.

The MC was impressed w his Chinese cos he knew the Chinese expression for ‘hwaiting’ ROFL

Kyu was very very nice to the lucky fans and even hugged them, one arm wrapped around each girl’s waist as they walk backstage. So 3 fans went up. First was a Hae fan and he held her hand, then kissed it. She was v v happy, to say the least:) 2nd fan was a kyu bias. She explained she loved his singing. 3rd fan who went up was also a kyu fan. Hyuk got very jealous and kept going around to ask again and again, ‘Who do u like’? Hahahahaha.

Can’t rmb what part this was but someone asked Zhoumi who was the most handsome member. Zhoumi hugged Siwon indicating he was his choice. But Hyuk suddenly went up to Hae and touched cheeks w him:))) The fans all answered, ‘everyone’, as in the fans think they’re all handsome. Cool Taiwanese fans!

Last time they were on stage – everyone said their goodbyes. RW said he was very touched. Asked fans if they were happy. Fans answered yes. RW said thank you. Kyu made fun of RW right away. He was like, ‘why would u say thank u when fans say they’re happy’, as in wrong response LOL.

Last 3 funniest stories happened during Kyu Hae goodbye speeches. Kyu was trying to raise the fans’ excitement. ‘You guys are my pabos’. Fans went silent. He was trying to get fans to ask ‘why’ but we didn’t get it. So he tried several times asking the question and even telling us to ask ‘why’. So everyone shouted, ‘why?’ Here comes kyu’s cheesiness. ‘Because you’re the sweet pabo who like us!’ ‘And we are the pabo that u like’ then all members started saying pabo. Hyuk and Henry rapped to ‘pabo’ a bit and everyone was acting silly. Donghae said, ‘you’re my everything’!

At the very end, the ship was sailing in every direction! MinHyuk were doing skinship but when Hae saw, he twisted Hyuk’s ear

Finally, they took several long deep bow to thank the fans. Kyu walked over to the other side and waved to all fans high up and low down. Fans wouldn’t leave so in the end, Henry and Eunhyuk jokingly told us to go home! Min was the last to leave the stage. In Chinese, he smiled sweetly and said, ‘pls call me’, while using a hand gesture to show phone to ear. I was super impressed with Sungmin taking the initiation to ask fans to phone him. No more just saying ‘cant understand’ <3333

Forgot one thing. Kyu even said his dad was pabo and all the members went, ‘what?’ (u disrespectful son). Kyu: He’s the pabo who loves me

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