Super Junior-M in Bangkok – From 130215-16 [FanAccount]

This is about a fan and her trip to Bangkok along with the fansign and fan meet. Will update this when she updates the next part..

Bangkok Trip Part 1: The fanmeet/fansign ticket and meet SJM at airport!

When I heard about the sjm bkk fanmeeting, idk i felt like i just had to go. it didn’t even occur to me how should i go when should i plan for the trip where to purchase the tickets, lmao istg i just set my mind that i wanted to attend it, regardless of maybe later there are (possibilities of) more sjm fanmeetings in south east asia.

So when the tickets were on sale at Feb 2nd, at the first try I couldn’t book any tickets. The tickets were sold on which luckily has an eng ver on their site. Thai fans said the tickets were all sold out in 10 minutes (+_+) i saw that as well as none of my seat choices could got through orz I refreshed for a good one hour and saw no more seats available :c This was when I stalked the #sjmbkk tag on twitter and read a tweet of a Thai fan that said on 3 pm that day, the website will release more seats as that is the deadline of people to finish their purchases. If people missed to pay their tickets, there are chances for people to get those unsettled tickets! And so I waited until 3 pm and djfhgfg I saw free seats. Tried two times I failed but finally at the third try, my choice got through and I officially owned the fanmeeting ticket ;u;


Then the notice about the fansign came a few days later.. I was really so in panic if you can say lmao cos I really really want to attend the fansign because it’s only the day before the fanmeet! ;u; I thought I had no chance because smtrue FB said you need to buy the Breakdown CDs on a selected date at Bangkok, then you’d get a code that would be entered in lottery and they’d announce the lucky winners that can attend the fansign. A friend offered to help me because she knows a thai elf friend and the girl would help us to buy the CDs for us and entered our names in the lottery ;A; Unfortunately none of our codes passed as winners.. ;_;

Now this is when the story gets a turn soon lmao. Around the same time when I was sadfacing over the fact I didn’t win the fansign entry, I bought another fanmeeting ticket from 2kyuhyun because I wanted to sell my previously bought ticket and upgrade my seat further closer to the stage. I said specifically to 2kyuhyun admin that I wanted this zone A2 row N seat 46 ticket. The admin agreed to sell that ticket to me at original price kkk. To my surprise, smtrue announced that they would choose more winners to enter the fansign from people who bought the fanmeeting ticket that costs 4200 baht (my ticket included!). And omg I guess my luck was still there, the A2 N46 ticket was listed as one of the winners!!!!!!!!!!!!11 KLSFGDJSDFGSDFMGFSH.

This happened on Thursday Feb 14th just the day before the fansign!!! Tbh I had bought the plane ticket on Feb 16th the day before, but I changed my mind because I wanted to see the fansign even if I couldn’t enter it. So this is like wow a very good and lucky coincidence that I won and I had got my plane ticket too so what’s next is to just go ;;;A;;; Everything was so rushed, I booked the hostel to stay at that night without thinking and then I departed for Bangkok at the first flight at 7 am.. yay I was going ;u;

Bless lady luck oh God thank you for staying at my side, SJM’s flight was scheduled to arrive 2,5 hours after me. Hence I waited inside the arrivals for the boys, with two friends from sg, Sher (@smackhyuk) and Michelle (@myeoichi) ❤

We asked the information about the gate they would be coming out from, but got nothing. Michelle thought we better waited near the CIP exit and so we did. There were two entrances there, by elevator or escalator. We kinda waited in between where most people (fans and also airport staffs lmao) waited more to the escalator area. When the first people from the same flight came out, we suspected something was weird lmao because the security was moving a bit more to our way. And true enough, the elevator dings and out the SJM boys came out!!!!

The first one to came out was Hyukjae (aaargh) looking a tad bit moody idk lmao maybe he was a bit sleepy but still so cool. then I saw Siwon in wifebeater only (holy shit) and yeah he kinda shined there omg do you get me, well he has that kind of aura that you noticed him immediately. And then my eyes fell at Donghae behind Siwon…. sdfjhggfh ;;;;;;;; I was readying my cam to record but I forgot for a moment because I was walking towards him and calling his name and saying hi. As shameless as I was probably, this got me a reward ;; There was only a security guard in front of me and he noticed me calling him and he smiled and waved back. CRIES. He also waved to the other girls around me who called him too. Oh gosh he was really smiley and nice and just my heart got stuck for a moment because sobs gorgeous and were quite close and i think I wanted to cry orz. Sher tried to give Donghae a present but sadly Donghae rejected it with a smile ;; It appeared that day they weren’t allowed to take gifts from fans T_T

The security noticed they needed to usher the boys and so they started moving and I got my phon ready to record. You will hear me speaking “ohmygod” in my cam because I was kinda in awe at seeing them lololol.

Here is the cam that I recorded that day, a bit donghae focused because yeah do i need to explain n_n;;

Teehee and so that’s how the story goes!!! Fansign and fanmeeting story next XD

Bangkok Trip Part 2: SJM Fansign!!!

After we met SJM at the airport, we rushed to Parc Paragon, the place of the fansign. To our luck, it was dead traffic that day and so we reached there at almost 4 pm orzzz. I was panicking again because I still hadn’t met 2kyuhyun’s admin that would give my fansign ticket to me. The registration for fansign ticket winners was held from 2 to 4:30 pm but the admin was nowhere in sight ;;;;;;;

I couldn’t register as the winner myself because the rule stated that only the person who purchased the ticket can claim the ticket and later they can pass the ticket to other person. So I was waiting for the admin to come and hurry register to get the ticket but she didn’t show up until past 4:30 pm even after I whatsapped her and called her to no avail. In the end I told her admin friend to tell her what I was wearing, and which location I was standing at, just in case she missed me >_<

Thank goodness tho she appeared just moment after that and I got the fansign ticket ;A;


 photo tumblr_inline_midj64O2qQ1qb6c2u_zps374a7d67.jpg

I thanked her so many times and after that I entered the queue to be submitted to the fansign area ;u; It was close to 5 pm when I entered the area. There must be about 300 to 400 people inside :o The stage was filled with 8 empty chairs. I wondered how would they do the fansign hmmm

 photo tumblr_inline_midjbpVaB51qb6c2u_zps4db1893b.jpg

We waited for like what it felt like forever == I was by myself so I couldn’t really roam out of the area for fear of losing my spot lmao so I bore with not drinking and not eating since the morning sobs. When it was 10 past 7 pm, the mc came out and chatted a lot about sjm and stuffs. I didn’t understand at all cos it was in thai LOL. Applauded the MC tho cos he talked for like…. an hour nonstop lmao and I was dead bored from waiting SJM already. When the stage was empty, the sound system would put on Breakdown album in repeat and I almost reached the point of sick of same songs being repeated again and again ;;;;;;; It was a little past 9 that the mcs came out again and was hyping up the fans for seeing SJM.

THEN THEY CAME OUT FUCK YES FINALLY 4 HOURS OF LONG WAIT (add also one hour earlier of frustration of getting a fansign ticket or not nn;;). CRIES THEY WERE ALL LOOKING SO GOOD. The outfits were brand new and never been used on any events before. They looked so fresh and also seemed excited on meeting the fans ♥

 photo tumblr_inline_midjrgQnRI1qb6c2u_zps67c880f4.jpg

The MCs made an interview session with them first before the fansign started. I couldn’t understand much ofc……. orz But I had fun seeing their interactions and reactions towards some questions XD Beware of Donghae / Eunhyuk biased fanaccount!!

Siwon and Hyukjae were showing off their cocky pose from The Challenger. They did it one time and then Sungmin and Henry felt the need to copy them XD It was really funny. The MC told them to sing a little of Breakdown lines but Hyuk felt really creative that night and changed the line to “Sawadeekap Breakdown~~~” XD Donghae laughed hard at this and he followed singing “Sawadeekap Breakdown” too XD

All of the boys tried to greet everyone there! Siwon greeted even the fans who stood watching on the far building across the street on 2nd floor, “Hey there everyone on the second floor”. The fans screamed so hard in response :’D On the side of the stage is a mall, and from below you can see the windows of Tom n Toms coffee on the top floor. Siwon and Hyuk came to notice this. Hyukjae even pointed at the coffee shop’s windows and commented about drinking coffee (coughs, maybe he remembered the little late coffee escapade with donghae). Donghae was in a very very cheerful hyper mood that night ;u; He sometimes rolled his arms dancing randomly all of a sudden seeming like he’s jamming to an invisible tune lmao so cute!! He even pouted here and there making cute faces kdjfggfh wtf you are so adorable stop ;;;;

Sungmin trimmed his hair right and he was looking so fresh and adorable. He seemed to be in really gigglish mood as he giggled at almost every comments that the boys made <333 Ryeowook was such a baby ;u; Sometimes he would just waved his arms and smiled so sweetly at everyone T_T ❤ Henry kid a lot with Sungmin lmao and Kyuhyun was like usual Kyuhyun looking a tad bit smug but so adorable kekekeke. Zhoumi was being a little shy but he responded with smiles to the screams~ :3

Donghae – Siwon – Hyuk were sitting in this order and the three of them really liked to talk between themselves. There was this one moment when all three of them started dancing together goofing around being eunsihae XD Siwon whispered to Donghae a lot and Donghae would giggle in response hihihi. Hyuk and Min did the cocky pose too later on, then they bro hugged (hyukmin♥). But when they did Siwon was feeling sneaky and tapped on Hyuk’s butt n___n;;;

At one point Hyukjae was asked to say something to fans, and so he said sawadeekap but in a very deep sexy voice i just-………. Donghae blew kisses a lot to us (oh you flirt ilu).

When it came to taking photos with the media press and sponsors, Donghae seemed really excited for no reason XD He stood on the middle and grabbed Hyuk by his shoulders (sdfghdsf) to let Hyuk stood next to him. They took photos and then Donghae was, again, dancing his arms and then made a v sign with both his hands, successfully ruining the very much official like look of the photo XD

 photo tumblr_inline_midl70Xhui1qb6c2u_zpsa916e602.jpg

(credit to @haetimes for the photo above)

One of the sponsor lady was about to give a bouquet to the boys and they told Kyuhyun to receive it (seems like the lady likes Kyu too). Kyu felt somewhat reluctant cos idk maybe he was shy hahaha, but in the end he accepted the bouquet and hugged awkwardly with the lady LMAO. The boys had a good laugh at this scene XD

And then it was time for the fansign!!!! They all went backstage and tables were prepared on the stage. omg finally it was time of the fansigning i was so excited ;; Idk because they started late or what but they said everyone participating can only received one autograph from one random member :( They started immediately after the boys sat down, giving the posters first before we stepped on the stage and let 8 fans go to the stage each time at once. The first fan in line will get the autograph from the furthest right member, the second fan will get from the second furthest right member, up until the eighth fan who would get autograph from the member sitting on the farthest left. Sitting from right to left was in this order: Hyuk (1) – Zhou mi (2) – Donghae (3) – Kyuhyun (4) – Siwon (5) – Sungmin (6) – Henry (7) – Ryeowook (8). So you have to be the 4th in line from the 8 girls to get Kyu’s autograph, for example. I counted and counted because I wanted to be the girl number 3 (for namja samho lol) but the queue was moving too fast for me to count and so I sneaked into the queue praying for the best >_<

To my surprise, I ended up being the first girl in line which means…… SCFREAMS HYUKJAE. I didn’t have time to think lololol I was just suddenly on the stage and I do remember trying to move to Donghae’s seat but the security ushered me to Hyuk’s side. It’s the second bias luck, Michelle commented to me lmao ;A;

I kinda forgot everything tho when I stood there in front of Hyukjae.

I… lost what to say.

Hyuk was only one arm away from me. He was there looking all mighty glory handsome and milky white skin and bright gummy smile with cute teeth and even if he was wearing those bug shades it looked so cute on him omg. Plus his black fringes were swept down and he wore a beanie too (i forgot it was written as “death” i didn’t think i seem to mind at all LOL). fml he was only wearing a red sleeveless tee and I can see his strong muscles because he was kinda folding his arms when I arrived so the biceps were kinda pronounced??? hoshit hoshit fuck my life

He thought I was a thai so he made a gesture of hands in front of his chest and bowed down his head a little while saying Sawadeekap to me. TO ME. OH FUCK I-. At this point of story I would really, really sounded so stupid because



I presented the poster to him and he reached to it. He then grabbed a gold marker but he stumbled with the cap (CRIES SO CLUMSY AND CUTE) and shook the marker a few times before he started signing. I tried to show the “to: Gigie” writing on back of my left hand but the security prevented me from showing it to him idk maybe he thought I asked for a handshake but i just wanted for him to see my name ;_; So he didn’t see my name and continued signing. I must confess I forgot about Donghae at that time and that occurred to me LOL so I looked to his side and saw Donghae was signing a poster with big wide smile like a kid T_T

Anyway I focused back on Hyukjae cos I like seeing him writing, he put a little pressure onto his writings :3 He left the autograph with a bit messy 은혁 writing (must be because of signing too many XD) and then he lifted his head looking at me again (o god he was staring into my eyes again from the back of those shades), presented the poster to me, and smiled again T_________T. I managed to croak out a reply after virtually slapping myself on the face, saying kamsahamnida and bowed down to him, in which he seemed to appreciate me doing it and nodded to that and smiled again (four times in one minute i felt like I was about to die o<-<). I bowed down once more and then walked away from him in a rather dreamy state…. I walked to the part of the high platform that has no stairs and security had to stop me and showed me the stairs were on the other side LOL OTL.

Stepped off from stage feeling so dreamy and hugging my poster with Hyuk’s sign I felt so happy like I was about to explode ;; ♥ Here is the signed poster huhu ;A;

 photo tumblr_inline_midnjjBACj1qb6c2u_zpsb9974dba.jpg

That’s about the fansign ;u; shall continue later about the fanmeet on the next part!

Source: rurouneko @ tumblr
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Reupload and Posted by Leiron

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