Eunhyuk at Tous Les Jours [Fan Account] “Hyukjae was happily trolling. xD” from 130214

Fan: “Oppa, won’t you do an activity/promotion with Donghae oppa in Korea?”
Hyuk: “Should we? or not?”
Fan: “Please do it~”
Hyuk: “If you ask for it, then we will have to do it ㅋㅋ”
And so they laughed and did a high-five.

//yes please.

Source: Sjfrever

The fan bought chocolate and the price for it at the display case is 8,000 won. She thought it is 8,000 won but when paying, Eunhyuk said it is 13,000 won, so she was surprised. Hyuk then looked at the back of the chocolate case and said
Hyuk: This is actually 30,000 won but I’ll sell to you at lower price”

When she looked at it, there’s nothing at the back of the case, just that troll Hyukjae was happily trolling. xD

Source: EunYu24
Translation by: Puteri 이슬~ ‏@honeydewname

Yesung oppa told me not to compare his height to yours” Hyuk:”Hah!I dislike it when i’m compared to Yesung hyung too

Fan: Oppa why do you do “cutie” all wrong?
Hyuk: It’s (I’m) too cute!
Fan: but it’s all wrong!
Hyuk: But still cute ~
Fan: Well this one does seem cuter
Hyuk: of course

Eunhyuk asked J-ELF acquaintance of mine”Korean is hard to learn right?” she replied yes and he said “I’m good in Korean!” I said “But oppa you have to be good in Japanese then.” and he said “I’m good in Japanese too!”

Source: AReum1106

 I said “Oppa fight me”.I had prepared a reason to say after EunHyuk reply “Why” but instead he replied “Sure”…

Source: si_is_all
Translation by: ¤NKsubs¤ (NKSubs)

Credit :
Reupload and Posted by Leiron

Please credit ‘’ as well. Thank you.


~ by Ely on February 15, 2013.

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