130130 SUPER JUNIOR K.R.Y in Japan: Setting Standards for a Ballad Concert?

Photo Credits: Avex JP

Photo Credits: Avex JP

For the first day of the “SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. SPECIAL WINTER CONCERT in BUDOKAN” on 22nd January, the Nipoon Budokan was lit up with pearl sapphire blue (SUPER JUNIOR’s official colour) lights by E.L.F.s looking forward to the concert.

As the venue lights went off, the strains of the slow melody of “SORRY, SORRY -ANSWER-” were heard, E.L.F.s with their pearl sapphire blue stick lights all stood up at once, cheered loudly and welcomed K.R.Y. (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung). As soon as K.R.Y. appeared on stage, the venue was filled with loud applause.

The E.L.F. s got even more excited as heard from their cheers when “FROM U” started. “FROM U” is a track from SUPER JUNIOR’s comeback sixth album in 2012, “Sexy, Free and Single” that was especially made for the E.L.F.

After “FROM U”, MC started with the greeting by KyuHyun saying “Everyone, welcome to SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. SPECIAL WINTER CONCERT in BUDOKAN!!”, there was another great applause. “Happy New Year!!” After the New Year greeting, K.R.Y. continued their individual introductions. SUPER JUNIOR’s Niisan (means hyung in Japanese and is how Japanese E.L.F.s call him), Yesung, began with “‘Everyone, are you ok? It’s been a while since our last concerts in Budokan, Let’s get psyched up today. Thank you.”.  Ryeowook then continued with his own introduction “Good evening~ I’m RyeoWook~ It’s been 5 years since we performed here in Budokan. I’m very pleased to hold concerts at Budokan as K.R.Y… Thank you, everyone. Please enjoy.”, then KyuHyun followed saying “Irashaimase~ (meaning Welcome) I’m KyuHyun. It’s ballad concert but today, we would like to have New Year concert here in Budokan with you all. Let’s enjoy and have fun. Everyone, Yabai desu~ (meaning awesome)”

After their intros, K.R.Y. sang wholeheartedly, with the first two songs, “Believe” the cover song of EXILE in Korean that is in SUPER JUNIOR’s 1st album, “Hanamizuki” the cover song of Hitoto Yo that is coupling track of their first single “Promise You”

The E.L.F.s were deeply moved with the well balanced performance and beautiful harmony from the trio, which echoed through their hearts.

Photo Credits: Avex JP

Photo Credits: Avex JP

After another intermission, K.R.Y. sang “Coagulation” and “Just You”.  This was then followed by Ryeowook’s special piano performance, which signalled the beginning of their special stages. These special stages were themed Christmas for the tours in Yokohama and Kobe, and was rearranged with a Broadway Musical style theme for the Budokan concerts. K.R.Y. sang “The Midnight Chicago Duet” and “Mirror” with light steps.  Kyuhyun noted the changes to the set list for these 2013 performance saying, “We prepared new special stage for those came to see us last year. It’s just like you are seeing musical, isn’t it? ” said KyuHyun. RyeoWook then playfully asked Kyuhyun, “KyuHyun ssi, step… Please show us the steps again”. KyuHyun sang his part and showed the steps, convincing everyone of the time they spent preparing for this special stage. YeSung saw KyuHyun’s steps and said “I’m sorry. What KyuHyun ssi did wasn’t steps, it was just swinging. The Steps is like this” and started light steps. There was rush of excitement. Then KyuHyun asked “RyeoWook-ssi, step, please”, RyeoWook was a little bit hesitant but soon obliged. It was a pole dance and there was a huge joyous shout by the E.L.F.s.

RyeoWook smiled sheepishly but soon asked KyuHyun and YeSung coolly, “The year of 2013 has come now. Have you two made any new year’s resolutions?” “I decided to start learning Japanese this year. Wild daro~? (means Am I a wild man?)”, answered KyuHyun. “I decided to immerse myself into Japanese Culture this year” YeSung continued. KyuHyun challenged YeSung “How are you going to immerse yourself?” YeSung answered “Certainly I am, if you look at me right now.” There was a loud “Eh???” by the E.L.F.s.  Meanwhile, “I’m hoping to hold as many K.R.Y. concerts as we can and see you all in 2013,” RyeoWook said concluding the quick intermission.

The long-awaited solo stages followed “LA LA LA LOVE SONG” Toshinobu Kubota). For this performance, K.R.Y. showed a very rich and highly unique vocal group and each solo stage showed us distinguished colors of each member and the E.L.F.s enjoyed them a lot.

Photo Credits: Avex JP

Photo Credits: Avex JP

KyuHyun is well known as “Otaku”, and he sang “Somewhere” that is the theme song of animation called “Slayers TRY”, mentioning he was fan of the animation when he was a school boy. KyuHyun told the audience that “(for these Budokan concerts) there were so many lyrics and very hard, but I managed to remember all (in Japanese)”, the venue was filled with applause of admiration. Then sang “Zanzo” (flumpool) heartily.

For his solo stage, RyeoWook wore school uniform style suit and showed a dance performance with Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. The E.L.F.s were enthralled by his cute performance.  He sang “Arigatou~Kaeritakunattayo” (Ikimonogakari) with sheered high note.

Photo Credits: Avex JP

Photo Credits: Avex JP

The last solo stage was performed by YeSung. “This song was a catalyst for people to know my existence”, YeSung explained and sang “It Has To Be You”. Then he introduced “This song made me stand on the stage.” and sang “I Do”. YeSung sang those two memorable songs passionately with his husky but warm voice.

After their solo stages, K.R.Y. sang “Your Eyes”, “Midnight Fantasy”, “Loving You” and “The One I Love”, with MC in between and ended the concert.

Once K.R.Y. walked off the stage, the E.L.F.s started pearl sapphire blue ocean waves without preparation to request for encore. It reminded us all about that beautiful pearl sapphire blue ocean and waves that the E.L.F.s made together united as one at Tokyo Dome last May when SUPER JUNIOR held their world tour “SUPER SHOW 4″

In response to the encore request by E.L.F.s, K.R.Y. reappeared and sang “Bittersweet”

YeSung talked with good feeling. “Actually, SUPER JUNIOR debuted and released 1st album in 2005. Then K.R.Y. formed as SUPER JNIOR’s first unit in 2006. But we’re releasing our first single in 2013.”. There was a loud handclap. “We have longed to release single for so long. Really, we really wanted to release (CD). Thank you very much. We really thank you all for having us release a single. “, YeSung expressed his  feelings of gratitude.

“In this single, “Hanamizuki” that we sang at the beginning of this concert, there is also MV.”, said RyeoWook. “MV was made thinking about you all, matching your feelings and expressing the hearts of our Japanese E.L.F.s. That is this MV”, said YeSung and he told the behind-the-scene story of the MV.

Further, YeSung expressed his impression and appreciation with sincerity: “We as SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y., our scheduled concerts will end with two more days, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. When these concerts end and we can’t see each other as often and we want, I would like you to put this (single) beside you all for not forgetting about three of us and SUPER JUNIOR.” “The time really flies fast, doesn’t it? We as SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. made it to stand on this stage after getting over many hardships. With that, I enjoy seeing you all, am pleased to see you all and am very happy and got a bit too excited.”

RyeoWook told the E.L.F.s: “I would like to see the pearl sapphire blue waves again”, the lights were turned off and the E.L.F.s on each floor started making waves.

KyuHyun added “RyeoWook ssi, dreamed this waves last night.”, “Yes, to be honest, this appeared in my dream last night.”, he was so touched and tears welled in his eyes.

Before K.R.Y. sang the last song, YeSung said “Those two did SUPER JUNIOR-M activities in China and came straight (to Japan for this concerts)” “I was…I was at home…”, KyuHyun asked “What did you do at home” and it made the E.L.F.s laugh.

After the encore, each of them expressed their feelings and appreciations.

“I suddenly remembered about the old days. Lot of you may not know about this, it was the first time that K.R.Y. came to Japan. Thanks to the drama “Hyena” OST, we could come to Japan, I had never dreamed that this would ever come true. Today, when I see all of you filled in this venue and supporting us, I felt that we have to sing until we can’t sing and do our best. Will you all stay with us till the end, won’t you? ” said KyuHyun.

“I’m really happy today. Not only those on 1st floor, everyone, on 2nd floor and 3rd floor, thank you very much.” continued RyeoWook.

Lastly YeSung said “For us, even with our shortcomings, thank you all very much for coming to our concert today. By continuing to sing good songs, we will meet your expectations.”

SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y., like KyuHyun said at the beginning of the concert as “K.R.Y. concert is the ballad concert”, their vocals are cordial, heartwarming, caring, transparent, also sometime inviting.  K.R.Y. is the vocal group that makes audiences listen to great singing skills set in a fine and beautiful harmony.

Their love to the E.L.F.s and E.L.F.s’ love to K.R.Y. are well balanced and when on one stage together, it makes a great memory, making all audiences feel right at home and with hearts warmed.

Photo Credits: Avex JP

Photo Credits: Avex JP

Like the huge applause and cheers after the encore ended as K.R.Y. went off the stage, SUPER JUNIOR K.R.Y. growth and great success is something to anticipate with certainty.




02: H.I.T

03: FROM U

04: Believe

05: Hanamizuki

06: Coagulation

07: Just You

08: The Midnight Chicago Diet

09: Mirror


11: Somewhere

12: Zanzo

13: Baby

14: Arigatou~Kaeritakunattayo (22nd / 23rd) Mikazuki (24th)

15: It Has To Be You

16: I Do (The One)

17: Your Eyes

18: Midnight Fantasy

19: Loving You

20: The One I Love


21: Bittersweet

22: Promise You

23: SKY

Source: http://www.kpopstarz.com/
Writer: Melissa K | Special Credits: AVEX JP, SM Entertainment JP

Credit : sup3rjunior.com
Reupload and Posted by Leiron
Please credit ‘13luejewel.wordpress.com’ as well. Thank you.


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