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Hello all …
Thanks guys keep visiting my blog although I do not make new posts. Why I chose at the end of the month because I can make a summary of the events of the month. It was my idea that was new. Came suddenly to my mind this. Thank You Lord: D

Recently I made a new post on the 19-01 2013. Well … it’s been a long time …. Sorry about that …
Many things have happened. Starting from Promise You already releases full PV and Kyunhyun, Donghae, and Eunhyuk Oppa makes weibo account. Do you already have an account weibo?? The list is pretty difficult for the layman. Because it is the language we do not understand. But, I can already ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d love to make a post every day like it used to. But my time is not possible. Therefore, I made a summary of the event on this 13luejewel Highlights. I just summarize so only time that I think is necessary. Sorry about that …

Okay we start from weibo. Since Super Junior M is currently promoting a new album called “Break Down”. To make members more closely with Chinese ELF, the member makes weibo account. The first members were making was Kyuhyun. You know, after Kyuhyun Oppa creating an account, many of my friends who wanted to create a weibo account. However, many are frustrated by the level of difficulty of the language. Once there Donghae and Kyuhyun Oppa Oppa Eunhyuk followed.

If I make an account after Donghae Oppa make * no wonder

It is owned by Kyuhyun Oppa weibo account
It is owned by Donghae Oppa weibo account
It is owned by Eunhyuk Oppa weibo account

And some other members belonging weibo and Super Junior Official weibo.

Do you already have an account weibo??? Soon the list .. ๐Ÿ™‚

Subsequently About Super Junior K.R.Y.
I forgot the release date of this video * sorry
Promise You full PV was not released by avex. I do not know why. However, the avex released Promise You ELF version. Wow .. cool video ..
Please see the video!

Actually a lot of important things going on. But, that’s a summary of what is now I can write. To show Super Junior K.R.Y. at Budokan you can look directly at sup3rjunior.com. Sorry if my writing is less entertaining you. Sorry and thanks

Do not forget to follow me on weibo well. @LimChaoYuan

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